We are the painters of self portraits
Who we become, will be determined by
Our Attitude, our Action
And what we learn

- Mary Ellen Drummond


It was long felt that education should be revived in the VINDHYA REGION, hence the concept of bringing in Delhi Public School at Satna took shape.

On the auspicious occasion of launch at DPS Satna, we stand at the threshold of a new challenge and a new opportunity. The challenge is to offer a meaningful response to the expectation of Satna and the opportunity is to translate this expectation into reality by providing a highly enterprising school, pledged to provide quality education with emphasis on traditional values. We are very much positive of achieving this goal and live up to the expectations.

The board of directors an entire DPS Satna team has put their heart, min and soul to offer an institution which aspires to become best among the best. We have put our utmost efforts to provide excellent infrastructure for academics, sports and extracurricular activities for all round developments of students. I will particularly be happy if the school receives constructive inputs from parents who actively participate in making the school vibrant and alive. After all, DPS Satna is a big family which will work on mutual support of parents, students and teachers.

I am sure that the DPS, Satna will work tirelessly, humbly & selflessly and sets a very high standard of education in city. I will strive to make this journey a success and make sure that the parents, students and DPS team continues to work as ‘One DPS Family’.